[Pidgin] #13050: Avatars not showing on Yahoo

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Fri Oct 14 05:24:11 EDT 2011

#13050: Avatars not showing on Yahoo
 Reporter:  FireDK   |        Owner:  sulabh.dev         
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  closed             
Milestone:  v2.10.1  |    Component:  Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN
  Version:  2.9.0    |   Resolution:  fixed              
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Comment(by thijsalkemade at gmail.com):

 (In [39242a87d1a7299236b5bd8500fd5251bafa19e1]):[[BR]]
 *** Plucked rev be5e66abad2af29604bc794cc4c6600ab12751f3
 (rekkanoryo at pidgin.im):
 Remove a bogus short-circuit check intended to prevent downloading the
 same icon
 every time a buddy logs in.  There are three problems with the check:
   * The fact that we already have an icon for the buddy doesn't mean it
     changed on the server since we last downloaded.
   * We should really be checking against the server-provided checksum, but
     don't know how to checksum the same way the server does.
   * We no longer receive a checksum at the YMSG protocol level, so we'd
 have to
     parse such a checksum out of the picture URL, which is going to be
     and seems just plain stupid to me.

 It seems better to me all around to just axe the check and potentially
 some bandwidth.  If someone wants to figure out a bandwidth-saving fix for
 feel free.

 At any rate, this fixes #13050.

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