[Pidgin] #10250: ~/.purple/icons - add mail to the filaname

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Mon Oct 24 08:35:38 EDT 2011

#10250: ~/.purple/icons - add mail to the filaname
 Reporter:  vlad88sv                    |        Owner:           
     Type:  enhancement                 |       Status:  closed   
Milestone:                              |    Component:  libpurple
  Version:  2.6.2                       |   Resolution:  wontfix  
 Keywords:  icon,display,purple,avatar  |  

Comment(by vlad88sv):

 Sadly that I did not know such plugin pack 2 years ago (when this bug was
 reported). It's not intuitive to search for such a plugin, maybe if in the
 icons directory is a file who mention something about such plugin pack...

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