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#14936: Port to Farstream
 Reporter:  ocrete                       |        Owner:  Maiku          
     Type:  patch                        |       Status:  new            
Milestone:  Patches Needing Improvement  |    Component:  Voice and Video
  Version:  2.10.1                       |   Resolution:                 
 Keywords:                               |  

Comment(by rlaager):

 The NO_CODECS_LEFT code isn't going to hurt anything, so if you're not
 positive, I'll just leave it. It isn't used on farstream and it'll get
 removed when we drop support for farsight2 at some point.

 We definitely need to support versions older than 0.0.24. As far as I can
 tell, farsight2 doesn't have a version check macro (e.g.
 FARSIGHT_CHECK_VERSION). Nor does farstream. That makes it more difficult
 for us to support optional newer APIs, as we have to write configure
 checks for them.

 This might be something you want to add to farstream. Since we can't rely
 on it always being present, we'll still need to do #if
 of just #if FARSTREAM_CHECK_VERSION(x,y), but that's not too bad.

 You're saying this part of the patch, which checks for "nice" or
          if (is_nice || !strcmp(transmitter, "rawudp"))
          if (!!strcmp(transmitter, "multicast"))

 ...should use the following on both farsight and farstream, which just
 excludes "multicast"?
 if (!!strcmp(transmitter, "multicast"))

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