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#15085: "Ghost" GTalk contacts
 Reporter:  Athen        |     Owner:  darkrain42
     Type:  defect       |    Status:  new       
Component:  Google Talk  |   Version:  2.7.2     
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 I've just noticed this recently, with the addition of chat to G+.  I have
 G+ open, as well as Pidgin connected to my GTalk account.  Basically what
 happens is contacts who sign in and out frequently or rapidly do not get
 their statuses updated in Pidgin.  I see them as being online, even though
 they are not.  Attempting to message them gives me an XMPP error: "Message
 delivery to foo at public.talk.google.com failed: (Code 503)".  If I log out
 and back in to my GTalk account [in Pidgin], they show correctly [as
 offline, usually], but it doesn't seem to ever update itself correctly.

 This seems to me to be probably a latency/timing thing.  If the user signs
 in and out before the 'confirmation' that they're online has been
 processed by Pidgin [i.e. <20 seconds or so], then Pidgin seems to miss
 the signing off event, and just leaves them logged in.  It also doesn't
 ever seem to periodically check to make sure that the users in your list
 are actually online; it only updates when an event occurs.

 I did search for this, but didn't find anything.  Sorry if it's a dupe.
 Note: This is on Windows, and I'm running a slightly older version, so
 this may have been fixed already.  I will update later today and see if
 that fixes it.

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