[Pidgin] #12637: Pdgin crash when accepting a sametime chatroom invitation

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#12637: Pdgin crash when accepting a sametime chatroom invitation
 Reporter:  angejudor                        |        Owner:  siege   
     Type:  defect                           |       Status:  new     
Milestone:                                   |    Component:  Sametime
  Version:  2.8.0                            |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  sametime chatroom crash windows  |  

Comment(by jricesterenator):

 Glad to hear it's working. To summarize from our conversation last night,
 these scenarios also need to be tested.
 1. What happens if the fixed code receives an old-style message when the
 Pidgin user is invited to a chat that already has other people in it? The
 chat invite message sends a list of all the users, so testing with one
 person might not show some related issues.
 2. Need to make sure that someone joining the chat works too.

 I'm not a C pro either, but I'm not sure that conditional would work.
 As background, mString_get(...) grabs the next string element from the
 buffer, advances a position counter, and stores the result in
 m->extraname. So m->extraname won't really exist until you call
 mString_get(b, &m->extraname).

 Other ways I was thinking of were:
 1) Determine the how long a single user definition section is and compare
 that to and old-style length or a new-style length. What's tricky with
 this is that the message isn't fixed length. Each string section is 2
 bytes telling the length of the string, followed by that many bytes of
 2) Before each user section, the code skips some
 bytes(mwGetBuffer_advance). Maybe there are control characters in there
 that mark the beginning of a record.

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