[Pidgin] #12637: Pdgin crash when accepting a sametime chatroom invitation

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Wed Aug 15 16:06:23 EDT 2012

#12637: Pdgin crash when accepting a sametime chatroom invitation
 Reporter:  angejudor                        |        Owner:  siege   
     Type:  defect                           |       Status:  new     
Milestone:                                   |    Component:  Sametime
  Version:  2.8.0                            |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  sametime chatroom crash windows  |  

Comment(by jricesterenator):

 Replying to [comment:22 jhkrischel]:
 > Replying to [comment:20 jricesterenator]:
 > > Really, it'd end up in the same situation as the current crash,
 excepted it'd be a problem for pre-8.5.1 users.
 > I see what you mean - it's not enough to be not null, because the *next*
 guy might break you.

 > So a flexible patch would need to recognize what version of server we're
 talking to, and process differently depending on that.  I'll poke around
 and see if there's anything obvious during the login that identifies
 server version...

 In your tests, what's the difference between "older client" and "older
 adium user"?

 It probably makes sense that the older clients are blowing up in your
 tests. I imagine that the client sends an invite request to the server,
 and /it/ sends the official (new-style) request to the client.

 We could sorta write a dynamic test case for old-style messages by
 intercepting the new-style message and stripping out the new field.

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