[Pidgin] #8708: Sametime Conference invite not working

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Wed Aug 22 01:00:21 EDT 2012

#8708: Sametime Conference invite not working
 Reporter:  easternerd                            |        Owner:  siege   
     Type:  defect                                |       Status:  new     
Milestone:                                        |    Component:  Sametime
  Version:  2.5.4                                 |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  Sametime invite conference groupchat  |  

Comment(by jhkrischel):

 We've built a patch for the crash portion of the issue.  Not sure where
 the problem is for "this meeting has ended" issue.  See:

 What would be great is to get a definitive list of what sametime *server*
 versions cause this problem, so we can tailor the patch to work with
 either old style messages, or new style messages.

 Could those people who actually have a crash with the old client, please
 tell us their sametime *server* version?  So far we've identified that
 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 use the new message format, but it would be nice to get
 more data.

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