[Pidgin] #1056: Text replacement plugin -- :0 to :)

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Thu Aug 23 09:42:29 EDT 2012

#1056: Text replacement plugin -- :0 to :)
 Reporter:  shreevatsa       |        Owner:  rlaager
     Type:  defect           |       Status:  new    
Milestone:  Patches welcome  |    Component:  plugins
  Version:  2.0              |   Resolution:         
 Keywords:                   |  

Comment(by BuellerIsNotHere):

 Regular expressions will probably fix this minor problem some day. Does
 the spelling checker support those? If so I'd recommend getting someone
 who understands the voodoo to help you; if not, maybe that's a feature
 that's in the future... find/replace is ''never'' fun enough without
 regular expressions.

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