[Pidgin] #15294: All plugins become disabled on OS switching (behavior of the Plugins list itself).

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Wed Aug 29 15:45:02 EDT 2012

#15294: All plugins become disabled on OS switching (behavior of the Plugins list
Reporter:  AltiusBimm  |        Type:  defect                                                                                                                           
  Status:  new         |   Component:  plugins                                                                                                                          
 Version:  2.10.3      |    Keywords:  .purple symlinks hardlinks softlinks os swtich crossover multiboot Linux Windows plugins list plugin disabled disable logic error
 It appears the status of what plugins are enabled is not stored in
 ~/.purple which is where they need to be.

 This appeared to me because when switching between operating systems
 (Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7, in this case) which share a ~/.purple through
 the use of symlinks to redirect filesystem traffic into the correct
 location, I see that all plugins not exclusive to the Linux configuration
 (i.e. Libnotify Popups plugin) have been disabled (shown by the checkboxes
 and lack of plugin performance) since my last boot of Linux with an
 intervening boot of Windows, during which time the plugins remained

 I'm thinking this defect pertains to the behavior of the plugins list, not
 any specific plugins. Hopefully this is not considered a security feature,
 because it is notably inconvenient for a multibooting arrangement.

 P.S., it may be that the settings of individual plugins are being saved
 somewhere besides ~/.purple, resulting in them being reset to defaults as
 well. This may be a problem with the individual plugins, however, not the
 list. I do not know.

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