[Pidgin] #15296: unable to add buddy 1

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Thu Aug 30 17:37:23 EDT 2012

#15296: unable to add buddy 1
 Reporter:  anon          |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect        |    Status:  new       
Component:  unclassified  |   Version:  2.10.6    
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 I keep getting error messages popup at random saying "Unable to Add Unable
 to add the buddy 1 for unknown reason."

 The only post I was about to find on this says that if my buddy list is
 full I will get this error, however my buddy list has maybe 10 people on
 it. Also I am not trying to add anyone, yet I get the error. I get two
 errors saying this each time.

 The only thing I can think of is someone is adding me to their list and
 trying to force pidgin to add them to my IM.

 This does not say which account buddy 1 is trying to be added to. If I had
 to guess it would be ICQ but I have nothing to back that up with.

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