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#15417: Reducing I/O activity
 Reporter:  Sworddragon  |       Owner:  rekkanoryo
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  Version:  2.10.6       |  Resolution:
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Comment (by Sworddragon):

 accounts.xml is changing this on inactivity:

 <                       <status type='available' name='Verfügbar'
 >                       <status type='available' name='Verfügbar'
 <                       <status type='away' name='Abwesend'
 >                       <status type='away' name='Abwesend' active='true'>

 And prefs.xml is changing this at the same time:

 <                       <pref name='default' type='int'
 >                       <pref name='default' type='int'

 What does the value of prefs.xml mean? The last time something in the
 profile changed? If yes is this value really needed? To accounts.xml: I
 have made some tests. Only if I change manually the state I will keep it
 after closing and reopening Pidgin. If the state was set automatically
 from Pidgin after some time it will be restored to the original value if
 Pidgin is closed and opened again. So it seems not to make sense to save
 the activity state if it was changed automatically after some time because
 there is no data loss if Pidgin would crash.

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