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Sun Dec 16 19:54:30 EST 2012

#15431: It doesn't connect to facebook chat
 Reporter:  j1simon  |       Owner:  deryni
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  pending
Milestone:           |   Component:  XMPP
  Version:  2.10.6   |  Resolution:
 Keywords:           |
Changes (by datallah):

 * status:  new => pending


 There is no way to request that something be retroactively "made private"
 - anything you post here (as indicated at the bottom of every page, among
 other places) is publicly accessible.

 That said, I deleted your log file.

 The following is the relevant portion of your log file:
 545     (13:18:12) jabber: jabber_actions: have pep: NO
 546     (13:18:12) account: Connecting to account
 username at chat.facebook.com/Pidgin.
 547     (13:18:12) connection: Connecting. gc = 0x7f40b6dec540
 548     (13:18:12) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for chat.facebook.com
 549     (13:18:12) dns: Wait for DNS child 9716 failed: No child processes
 550     (13:18:12) dns: Wait for DNS child 9715 failed: No child processes
 551     (13:18:12) dns: Created new DNS child 10144, there are now 1
 552     (13:18:12) dns: Successfully sent DNS request to child 10144
 553     (13:18:12) dns: Got response for 'chat.facebook.com'
 554     (13:18:12) dnsquery: Error resolving chat.facebook.com:
 555     No address associated with hostname
 556     (13:18:12) proxy: Connection attempt failed: Error resolving
 557     No address associated with hostname
 558     (13:18:12) jabber: Couldn't connect directly to chat.facebook.com.
 Trying to find alternative connection methods, like BOSH.
 559     (13:18:12) dnssrv: querying TXT record for chat.facebook.com:
 560     (13:18:12) dnssrv: res_query returned an error
 561     (13:18:12) jabber: Unable to find alternative XMPP connection
 methods after failing to connect directly.
 562     (13:18:12) connection: Connection error on 0x7f40b6dec540 (reason:
 0 description: Unable to connect)
 563     (13:18:12) account: Disconnecting account
 username at chat.facebook.com/Pidgin (0x7f40b6ad9be0)

 Your inability to connect to facebook is caused by a dns problem -
 `chat.facebook.com` doesn't resolve successfully (and it should).

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