[Pidgin] #14860: I get "accept/reject certificate" prompts all the time

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#14860: I get "accept/reject certificate" prompts all the time
 Reporter:  morlacus  |        Owner:  rekkanoryo
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 Replying to [comment:3 QuLogic]:
 > Replying to [comment:2 morlacus]:
 > > I agree but if I delete the jabber certificate and close pidgin I am
 prompted to accept a new certificate when I reopen Pidgin.
 > > The new certificate as the same validity.
 > > And I get the same prompts
 > >
 > If you delete the accepted certificate, and the server certificate is
 still invalid, why would you not expect Pidgin to prompt you?

 I accept the certificate given by the server. As long as the server will
 send a non valid certificate, the problem will continue.
 The problem comes from the invalid certificate which is given by the
 I have no other solution than to accept it.
 I delete it to see if I will be given a valid certificate.
 This morning I tried and I was given an invalid one.
 If anybody knows how to get a certificate valid for 2012 his reply will be

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