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#14871: Feedback on ultra irritating sounds
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 Hi, thanks for a great messaging client BUT:

 I recently plugged in some speakers into an ubuntu box I had been using
 for quite some time, with pidgin installed.

 After a short while I noticed very irritating sounds playing randomly, a
 "doo doo doo" ascending/descending - more accurately described as a guitar
 plucking sound.  Very annoying.

 Searching "ubuntu annoying guitar plucking sound randomly plays" didn't
 yield any helpful pages - not surprisingly since it was pidgin causing the

 It simply did not cross my mind that it could be pidgin, since pidgin was
 giving me no visual clues that it was the culprit - unlike skype, MSN,
 etc.  Just an annoying sound!

 So my request/issue with pidgin is that EITHER you disable the ultra
 annoying sounds by DEFAULT, OR you implement some kind of visual
 accompaniment to the sound so that users can track down what the annoying
 sound is so they can disable it.

 All four of my workspaces are usually full of programs - I usually have
 50+ applications running and 100s of processes, including teamviewer
 sessions to other computers, and so forth, I rarely reboot, I use 10s of
 messaging clients, NONE of which arbitrarily play sounds, without at least
 letting me know its *them* who is the culprit for the irritation.  Pidgin
 is the exception to this, and very, very annoying indeed.

 On an unrelated issue, you should add buddy pounces for groups - or
 implement a list of friends so that we can add buddy pounces by "select
 all" or using CTRL, and SHIFT to select multiple friends.  Of course one
 can quickly cludge a .sh/.bash/.php/etc script to edit the necessary XML
 files, but this seems to require a pidgin restart and is obviously a bit
 of a chore.

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