[Pidgin] #14753: Implement MSNP18 in libpurple

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Mon Jan 9 16:53:47 EST 2012

#14753: Implement MSNP18 in libpurple
 Reporter:  basjuh                                     |        Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  enhancement                                |       Status:  new    
Milestone:  Implementation In Progress                 |    Component:  MSN    
  Version:  2.10.0                                     |   Resolution:         
 Keywords:  libpurple msn msnp18 p2p p2pv2 slp groups  |  

Comment(by Darkstrike):

 Replying to [comment:17 BW~Merlin]:
 > Replying to [comment:16 basjuh]:
 > One thing I realised over the last few weeks is that doing all this work
 on MSN really isn't my kind of deal. However that doesn't mean I'm not
 gonna finish what I'm starting.
 > Thanks for the update, sorry your not enjoying it but if it makes any
 difference the entire MSN using community of pidgin is grateful for any
 work you can do towards improving the MSN functionality of pidgin.
 > Good luck with your assessment.

 Agreed! I am also sorry you are not enjoying the work as much as you
 thought and also sorry that it is more complicated than you would
 like...we are very grateful for any work you can put into the project,
 whether you can complete it or not :)

 Thank you for continuing to try Basjuh!

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