[Pidgin] #14879: finch - change color of status messages in chat?

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Fri Jan 13 21:31:34 EST 2012

#14879: finch - change color of status messages in chat?
 Reporter:  jcaimbridge                       |     Owner:  sadrul
     Type:  enhancement                       |    Status:  new   
Component:  finch (gnt/ncurses)               |   Version:  2.10.1
 Keywords:  finch font color status messages  |  
 Hello, I would like to be able to change the color of status messages
 printed within a chat.  I understand that there are options in ~/.gntrc
 where you can configure text colors, but those presented in the man page
 are not applicable to status messages in a chat (and I don't know where
 else to for look options pertaining to such messages other than the man
 page.  Google has also failed me).  Here is the finch section to my
 ~/.gntrc anyway:

 mouse = 1
 color-available = black; black
 color-away = black; black
 color-idle = black; black
 color-offline = black; black
 color-message-sent = black; black
 color-message-received = black; black
 color-message-highlight = black; black
 color-message-action = black; black
 color-timestamp = black; black
 color-status = black; black

 # The RGB values range in [0, 1000]
 black = 0; 0; 0
 red = 1000; 0; 0
 green = 0; 1000; 0
 blue = 250; 250; 700
 white = 1000; 1000; 1000
 gray = 700; 700; 700
 darkgray = 256; 256; 256

 With these settings (notice all font related options are set to black),
 here is what finch looks like within a chat:


 As you can see, status messages show up as yellow despite all of the font-
 related settings being set to black in ~/.gntrc.  I have trouble reading
 yellow on white.  I'm hoping I won't need to change to a darker background
 color because I find anything other than a white background uncomfortable
 (however, if it's the case that there is no option presented to the user
 that allows them to change the color of status messages in the chat, then
 I'd like to know what ~/.gntrc option is availabe to change the background
 color as I haven't been able to find any such option in the man pages

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