[Pidgin] #14887: Pidgin account disconnects

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#14887: Pidgin account disconnects
 Reporter:  lynia143  |        Owner:  deryni 
     Type:  defect    |       Status:  pending
Milestone:            |    Component:  XMPP   
  Version:  2.10.1    |   Resolution:         
 Keywords:            |  
Changes (by deryni):

  * status:  new => pending


 Something appears to be interrupting your connection to the server. One
 minute normal connection testing works correctly the next the test causes
 the connection to die with an 'Input/output error'.

 A packet capture (from something like wireshark) might be helpful here if
 you know (or have/know someone who knows) how to do that. Short of that I
 don't know that there's anything specific I can suggest.

 As an aside. That "you were disconnected... will be reconnected" message
 is only displayed in chat rooms and not in one on one IM conversations so
 that's normal.

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