[Pidgin] #12637: Pdgin crash when accepting a sametime chatroom invitation

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Wed Jan 25 16:04:20 EST 2012

#12637: Pdgin crash when accepting a sametime chatroom invitation
 Reporter:  angejudor                        |        Owner:  siege   
     Type:  defect                           |       Status:  new     
Milestone:                                   |    Component:  Sametime
  Version:  2.8.0                            |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  sametime chatroom crash windows  |  

Comment(by jricesterenator):

 This issue has been killing me for a while (since they upgraded our
 sametime at work). It's for sure an issue for at least pidgin 2.5.5
 through 2.10.1.

 For me, it only happens when someone (via their official client) invites
 me to a group chat from an existing chat window using "invite others". If
 they invite me to an "Instant Meeting" from their buddy list, everything
 goes ok.

 For anyone debugging, here are steps to reproduce it on your own:
 1. Load Pidgin
 2. Load official sametime client
 3. From the official client, open a chat with yourself and send a message.
 4. You should see output in the official client and in pidgin.
 5. From the official client, "invite others" and invite yourself. Send.
 6. Pidgin crashes.

 Over the next while, I'm hoping to start looking at the code to fix this.

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