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#14900: Designer Radiator - How To Replace Coolant
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 In this economic climate, anything you can do your own to maintain your
 vehicle will save you a bundle, including replacing the coolant in your
 '''[http://towel-radiator.com/categories/Mira-Designer-Radiators/ designer
 radiators]'''.  Any time you do any work with your''' radiator '''make
 sure that your car is turned off, and that it has been turned off for at
 least 45 minutes, because hot '''radiators '''can cause you a lot of
 physical damage.


 When you are ready to start, put a pan under the engine, and pull the
 drain plug which sits on one end of the radiator by '''design''', and at
 this point your radiator will begin to start draining into the pan you put
 beneath it.  It it is not, move the pan accordingly.  Take the hose at the
 top of the '''[http://www.wikihow.com/User:Designerradiators22 designer
 radiators]''' and remove it, and then run some water through it.  If you
 are not close to a sink to do this, use your garden hose.  When you
 finished, put the hose back on plug the hole and fill the radiator with


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