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#15172: Windows: Schannel based SSL/TLS implementation
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Comment(by datallah):

 Replying to [comment:6 bagder]:
 > datallah: yes it can legally and license-wise be linked against OpenSSL.
 The licenses that collide (OpenSSL + GPL) only limits what is allowed to
 get distributed so usage and linking is not prohibited in any way, only

 Sure, if you're building from source you can do whatever you want, but
 that's not really a useful argument for the common use case (distro
 provided packages, windows binaries, etc.).

 > mback2k: a generic backend could of course easily be made to disable a
 specific library, but most likely it would simply mean that people who
 build binaries out of a GPL licensed program would simply not select to
 build a backend that involves a non-GPL compliance license.

 It's not that simple - it wouldn't be a problem on e.g. Windows where we
 control the full stack of what is distributed.  However, on other OSes,
 rresumably the abstraction layer would itself be installed as a shared
 package, and each of the SSL implementation modules would also be a
 package - it wouldn't necessarily be something that is statically linked
 into each program that uses it. If you connect the dots, you run into the
 situation described in this GPL FAQ: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-

 This isn't really the venue for a complicated licensing discussion.

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