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#15208: Fivce Simple Steps to Writing an Academic Essay
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 Writing college essays can really be exhausting, but it is something you
 can't do anything about. The key, of course, is to know what to do when
 you face the [http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/1/2/ essay
 writing] process. There are a lot of essay au online which can help you
 write your essays for a minimal fee, but you should still do things on
 your own unless you are going to edit it. Here are five simple steps on
 how you can do your essay au:

 1. '''Examine the topic for your academic essay'''. Some teachers and
 professors give their students a certain topic to write about. That would
 be the easy part. But there are professors who tend to just give a general
 topic and all students are supposed to think about a specific topic to
 write about. Whatever the situation is, you should choose a topic that you
 know you would find a lot of legitimate sources of.

 2. '''Come up with a thesis statement'''. Thesis statements in academic
 essay au are usually written at the end of the introduction. That is the
 convention among schools and academic papers. Unless you have a good
 reason to change the location of the thesis statement, let it stay where
 it is.

 3. '''Make your outline'''. An outline is an organized list of the things
 you would want to discuss and tackle in your essay. The sentences written
 in the outline should be the beginning of your body or the main idea of
 your body. Aside from helping students remember the points that they have
 to discuss, the outline also helps students see a clear picture of the
 outcome of their essays and observe the flow of ideas from one statement
 or one paragraph to another.

 4. '''Write the first or rough draft of your essay'''. When working on
 your first draft or rough draft, do not mind the construction and style of
 your writing first. Just consider letting all the ideas and thoughts out.
 Write down the things that you know about your topic and write the way you
 would explain your topic to a classmate or teacher. In short, write the
 way you speak. This is not the final product which you are going to submit
 to your professor so do not mind the structure and the grammar first.

 5. '''Edit your academic essay'''. After writing your first draft, leave
 your academic essay for a few days or hours first (this is the reason why
 one should not cram). This will allow you to gain a new perspective about
 your essay. Once you re-read and edit your own academic essay, you can now
 spot the mistakes you have made regarding the spelling, grammar, sentence
 construction, and transition of your [http://www.bestessays.com.au/ essay

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