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#15211: Misleading links in chats
 Reporter:  bur          |        Owner:  rekkanoryo  
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Changes (by deryni):

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 While it would certainly be possible for pidgin to not allow someone to
 insert such a link into a conversation I don't at all agree that it

 Additionally there is no way to prevent people from sending links like
 that and the only thing that could be done would be to always show the
 link contents along with the link text on messages that were like this
 (though I also don't think we should though I don't object to this in the
 same manner).

 As to you and your friends being duped I think it far more likely that the
 source of IMs led to the lack of care taken as to the actual content of
 the link than that the 'IM' context itself is responsible.

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