[Pidgin] #15233: Make the "Send To" menu item persist

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Fri Jul 27 20:13:31 EDT 2012

#15233: Make the "Send To" menu item persist
Reporter:  dm0     |        Type:  patch            
  Status:  new     |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)     
 Version:  2.10.6  |    Keywords:  conversation menu
 The "Send To" menu widget is currently being destroyed and recreated all
 the time, and this is problematic for a plugin I develop.  The cleanest
 and easiest solution seems to be to preserve the menu item while only
 replacing its submenu.  The attached patch therefore moves the "Send To"
 item to the GtkItemFactory setup, leaving its submenu to be created

 Two issues to note:

 First, the two new GtkItemFactory path string variants are not translated.
 The strings without the leading "/" ''are'' in the PO files, so the items'
 translation function could use those as a workaround.  I wasn't sure if a
 workaround or just marking the new strings would be preferred, so the
 patch notes the strings with comments but otherwise leaves them unhandled.

 Second, I personally have no use cases for this menu, so the patch is
 relatively untested.  I have verified that it now appears where and when
 it is expected.

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