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#15149: No log of messages sent
 Reporter:  maho12          |        Owner:  deryni 
     Type:  plugin request  |       Status:  pending
Milestone:                  |    Component:  XMPP   
  Version:  2.10.3          |   Resolution:         
 Keywords:  messages sent   |  
Changes (by deryni):

  * status:  new => pending


 There is, as of somewhat recently, a xmpp specification (xep) for how to
 allow multiple clients to all be copied on all messages sent and received
 (it is the Carbons XEP). That is the sort of thing you would need to get
 set up for this to work the way you want. That being said I doubt the
 server in use by !CrypticSpace supports the XEP (though it might) and I
 know pidgin doesn't support it yet (though getting support for it is
 something I'd like to see happen) so without some other server-specific
 forwarding/etc. support I don't believe there is any way to achieve what
 you want.

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