[Pidgin] #15159: Keypressing is not sent to input method

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Mon Jun 11 10:45:24 EDT 2012

#15159: Keypressing is not sent to input method
Reporter:  yuyichao  |        Type:  defect            
  Status:  new       |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)      
 Version:  2.10.4    |    Keywords:  input method focus
 When pressing a key in chat window, the key will be sent to the input
 entry even if it is not focused. However, this event is not sent to input

 Looking at the source code, in pidgin/gtkconv.c (arround line 2271)
         if (event->type == GDK_KEY_RELEASE)

         gtk_widget_event(gtkconv->entry, (GdkEvent *)event);
 which means the entry will not be focused when a keypress event is sent
 and this causes the imcontext not sending the event to input method. Since
 the event will anyway be sent to the entry, I cannot see the point why it
 should not be focused.

 Either removing the {{{ if }}} line or adding {{{ event->type ==
 GDK_KEY_PRESS }}} can fix this problem.
 I'm not familiar with `mtn` and don't really know how to create the patch
 for this. Could anyone kindly test, fix/commit this.

 Thanks very much.

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