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#8988: "Unable to add user"
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Comment(by davidmarshall15):

 Attached another example of this issue.

 I used pidgin around 4 years ago, thought it was great on Fedora until an
 error box popped up every time I logged in, so on Limux I simply switched
 to another of the many clients available.

 4 year later, today I try pidgin again and get the same error message on
 Windows 7 (attached above), now I remember why I stopped using this IM

 The summary of this issue is:

   * Error when connection to MSN with a username like
 "username@'''yahoo.co.uk'''". Yes my Microsoft MSN username does end with
   * It only happens with pidgin
   * I have experienced it on Windows and Linux

 So I will not be using pidgin, but please consider I have taken the time
 to register and post this update for the devs on my way out.

 I sincerely hope it is fixed soon for others and at least before I forget
 about the issue and try again in 2016!

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