[Pidgin] #15170: Buddy status not updated when using SILC

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Mon Jun 18 02:21:23 EDT 2012

#15170: Buddy status not updated when using SILC
 Reporter:  tkingsle     |     Owner:  elb   
     Type:  defect       |    Status:  new   
Component:  SILC         |   Version:  2.10.4
 Keywords:  silc status  |  
 When connecting to a SILC server, pidgin will get the status of your
 buddies (online, offline). However, pidgin will no longer update their
 status if they change, I have to reconnect to the SILC server instead to
 force pidgin to reread their statuses.

 For example: If I login to a SILC server, Buddy A is online. 5 minutes
 later, Buddy A logs off. Pidgin will not update Buddy A's status, and will
 display them as being online until I reconnect.

 I would attach a debug log related to this, however nothing is shown when
 buddies go online or offline.

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