[Pidgin] #15171: Window doesn't flash in MSN chat (group conversations)

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Mon Jun 18 20:30:26 EDT 2012

#15171: Window doesn't flash in MSN chat (group conversations)
 Reporter:  Espyo                                                   |     Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect                                                  |    Status:  new    
Component:  MSN                                                     |   Version:  2.10.4 
 Keywords:  chat flash blink window notification group msn taskbar  |  
 When I'm on an MSN chat with multiple people and someone says something,
 my icon on the taskbar, and my icon on the notification area will not
 blink (flash), as is the case with normal received messages. (Sounds still
 play though.)

 This is not a problem with msn-pecan (as I tried with the vanilla MSN
 protocol too), and a friend of mine also has the same issue.

 Several times now have I missed on some conversations because I don't see
 any notification, so this is fairly serious.

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