[Pidgin] #15172: Windows: Schannel based SSL/TLS implementation

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Tue Jun 19 05:21:11 EDT 2012

#15172: Windows: Schannel based SSL/TLS implementation
Reporter:  mback2k  |        Type:  enhancement  
  Status:  new      |   Component:  libpurple    
 Version:           |    Keywords:  ssl tls win32
 Hello everyone,

 I am the original author of the [http://daniel.haxx.se/blog/2012/06/12
 /schannel-support-in-libcurl/ new Schannel based SSL/TLS implementation
 for libcurl].

 I would like to propose adding Schannel support to libpurple, too. And
 therefore I am opening this ticket in order to track the progress on such
 an implementation which could be picked up by everyone. I might have the
 time to do it myself, but just in case someone else wants to join in on
 this, I would welcome him or her.

 But before any code is written, I would like to ask whether the
 pidgin/libpurple developers would actually like to see such an
 implementation or not. I would appreciate any feedback on this part.

 Thanks in advance!

 Best regards,

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