[Pidgin] #15143: Buddy State Notification doesn't show a change for "Busy Status"

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Wed Jun 20 20:24:50 EDT 2012

#15143: Buddy State Notification doesn't show a change for "Busy Status"
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  Version:  2.10.4   |   Resolution:         
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Comment(by bmars):

 This patch should hopefully fix this issue. The plugin originally assumed
 "not available" meant "away", when it can also include busy. More info
 about the status is needed, so I added a purple_status_type_is_away()
 function to the Status API. I'm not sure if adding this function is the
 best solution (maybe I missed another function I could've used) but it
 seems like a clean one (cleaner than manually calling
 purple_status_type_get_primitive() from the plugin directly, I think).

 One issue is that the plugin pref for showing away statuses also affects
 busy statuses, since only one if/else chain is used for both. I renamed
 the pref label to "Buddy Goes Away/Busy", but didn't change the pref name
 ("notify_away"). Maybe the pref should be renamed or a new pref added.

 I'm more than willing to rework the patch if the Pidgin devs aren't happy
 with something it does.

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