[Pidgin] #15177: Cannot connect to AIM (input/output error)

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Fri Jun 22 18:34:04 EDT 2012

#15177: Cannot connect to AIM (input/output error)
 Reporter:  darkgob                                                |     Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect                                                 |    Status:  new        
Component:  AIM                                                    |   Version:  2.10.4     
 Keywords:  input/output input output error destroying connection  |  
 I haven't been able to connect to AIM through Pidgin since Tuesday.  When
 I try, I get the error:
 Lost connection with server: Input/output error
 The debug window seems to reveal the problem:
 (18:04:01) oscar: ssi: syncing local list and server list
 (18:04:01) oscar: ssi: activating server-stored buddy list
 (18:04:01) oscar: Modifying item  gid=0x0000, bid=0x7d89, list_type=0x0014
 [Buddy Icon], name=1.
 (18:04:01) connection: Activating keepalive.
 (18:04:01) oscar: Scheduling destruction of FLAP connection 06A33AA0 of
 type 0x0002
 (18:04:01) oscar: Destroying FLAP connection 06A33AA0
 (18:04:01) oscar: Destroying oscar connection (06A33AA0) of type 0x0002.
 Disconnect reason is 4
 (18:04:01) oscar: Disconnected.  Code is 0x0000 and msg is Input/output
 (18:04:01) connection: Connection error on 06AE9F18 (reason: 0
 description: Lost connection with server: Input/output error)
 (18:04:01) account: Disconnecting account darkgob (0064BA80)
 (18:04:01) connection: Disconnecting connection 06AE9F18
 (18:04:01) connection: Deactivating keepalive.
 (18:04:01) oscar: Signed off.
 (18:04:01) connection: Destroying connection 06AE9F18

 The connection is being immediately destroyed for no apparent reason!
 (This happens on multiple screennames.)

 I've found similar tickets from several years ago, but none of the
 proposed solutions worked (changing the port used,
 [comment:ticket:10314:18 disabling encryption]). [comment:ticket:9570:8
 One ticket] was closed because it was deemed to be a network problem, not
 a Pidgin problem, but:

  * I am able to connect to AIM through Trillian and the AIM.com web
  * I am also able to connect to AIM through Pidgin on my mostly-defunct
 WinXP drive (the problem is occurring on my Win7 drive which has run with
 no problems for several months) but even that older version (2.6.6) won't
 connect/stay connected on my Win7 drive.
  * Firewall on Win7 seems to be setup to allow Pidgin across all ports
 (and I hadn't fiddled with it before this started), and I can connect to
 other protocols  through Pidgin (IRC was the one I tested) with zero
  * I am able to connect to AIM through Pidgin in Windows XP Mode on Win7.

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