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#15172: Windows: Schannel based SSL/TLS implementation
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Comment(by mback2k):

 Great! Sorry, I haven't responded earlier since I didn't receive email
 notifications about your replies.

 @datallah: Yes, the OpenSSL dependency could be eliminated on Windows.
 @rekkanoryo: Yes, using the Windows Schannel API allows Pidgin to directly
 validate against the Windows Certificate store. That basically just
 happens behind the scenes and it's also possible to optionally implement
 our own validation.

 On the other hand Daniel Stenberg (curl project leader) and I were
 thinking that libpurple/Pidgin would also be a good candidate for a
 project which could use a generic SSL/TLS abstraction layer. Since libcurl
 already supports 9 different SSL/TLS implementations (state of the current
 development version), we would start of my separating the internal
 abstraction layer into it's own library. Then we would have to make sure
 that the design and architecture are not only fitting into the curl
 project, but are also fulfilling the requirements of other projects, like

 But this is a whole other topic. The question is: do we want to proceed on
 adding Schannel support using libpurple's abstraction layer or do you want
 to participate in the development of a generic abstraction library?

 See the following Twitter conversation for more information.

 I would love to hear your opinions on this. Thanks in advance!

 Best regards, Marc

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