[Pidgin] #15090: freenode's new +q numeric (728) is unrecognized

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Wed May 2 20:02:05 EDT 2012

#15090: freenode's new +q numeric (728) is unrecognized
 Reporter:  marienz  |        Owner:  elb
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  new
Milestone:           |    Component:  IRC
  Version:  2.10.3   |   Resolution:     
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Comment(by elb):

 OK, a few specific points; I think much of the rest will be taken care of
 if/when I either get around to implementing this numeric, or someone else

 First, the MOTD is stored by Pidgin, and accessible via Accounts -> (IRC
 account name) -> View MOTD.  I don't see any particular reason we can't
 make it visible when the user types /motd, that should probably be a
 feature request.

 Second, I understand and acknowledge everything you said up there about
 making up numerics -- there's always a reason, sometimes they conflict,
 sometimes they don't.  It still makes it hard for clients.  The fact that
 freenode only upgrades about once a year is irrelevant on all levels.  Not
 only is it far from the only IRC network, Pidgin release lifecycles on
 many distributions (think Debian Stable) are even longer than that.

 Third, that hack regarding unknown numerics is somewhat bletcherous, but
 seems safe.  I'll make a note to modify the Pidgin unknown numeric handler
 to check the numeric and the possible "target" argument, then direct to a
 conversation rather than the debug log if possible.

 Fourth, as I said before, we really don't recommend Pidgin for power IRC
 users, and we're quite frank with users about that when they come to us.
 You may feel free to tell your users the same thing.  If they fight, send
 them to us.  Pidgin IRC is intended for very casual IRC users (for
 example, users who clicked Help | Chat with Support type menu items).
 That said, we do know of quite a few "power" IRC users who use Pidgin.  I
 can't fathom why.  Our position (or at least, my position) on this is that
 there are many, far superior, IRC clients out there, and that IRC really
 doesn't "fit" the Pidgin interface very well anyway.  That said, I'm not
 inclined to neuter it farther just because this might confuse some people.
 If people are happy with the level of functionality that Pidgin provides,
 we're happy for them to use it.  If there are functionality improvements
 which can be put in without heroic efforts, we're happy to take patches.

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