[Pidgin] #15090: freenode's new +q numeric (728) is unrecognized

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Sun May 6 10:10:17 EDT 2012

#15090: freenode's new +q numeric (728) is unrecognized
 Reporter:  marienz  |        Owner:  elb
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  new
Milestone:           |    Component:  IRC
  Version:  2.10.3   |   Resolution:     
 Keywords:           |  

Comment(by elb):

 I thought about the : issue when I saw that 328.  It's pretty easy to take
 care of the 328 case (exactly one escaped argument after the preamble
 arguments), but harder ("harder" -- it'd be easier if we did the mass
 bustup/allocation of !EionRobb's patch, actually, then re-glued with a
 GString or something, but ... yuck extra allocation for an error handler)
 for the case where there are several remaining arguments.  I'll add the
 quick : removal and apply this, with any luck (though I make no promises)
 it'll make it into 2.10.4.

 We normalize channel and nicknames for joining, it's a bug in Pidgin if
 capitalization causes a match failure.

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