[Pidgin] #15132: Pidgin freezes during avatar downloading.

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Wed May 23 07:56:20 EDT 2012

#15132: Pidgin freezes during avatar downloading.
Reporter:  parasit  |        Type:  defect          
  Status:  new      |   Component:  Gadu-Gadu       
 Version:  2.10.3   |    Keywords:  avatar gg freeze
 After upgrade to 2.10.4 (on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit) every "normal" start
 freeze pidgin at downloading avatars for GaduGadu. "Normal" means click on
 application bar.[[br]]
 I noticed that it usually helps to run pidgin in the console with -d
 parameter. I dont know why but with debug 8/10 cases works fine, but
 sometimes finish like in attached log. The application does not really
 crash, just freezes and stops responding to anything.

 Last lines from console (pidgin -d), before these lines everything looks
 (13:21:37) util: parsed 624
 (13:21:37) gg: gg_get_avatar_url_cb: UIN 999999, IS_BLANK , URL
 (13:21:37) gg: gg_get_avatar_url_cb: requesting avatar for 999999
 (13:21:37) util: requesting to fetch a URL
 (13:21:37) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for media3.mojageneracja.pl
 (13:21:37) proxy: Connecting to api.gadu-gadu.pl:80.
 (13:21:37) proxy: Connected to api.gadu-gadu.pl:80.
 dns[3635]: nobody needs me... =(
 dns[3633]: nobody needs me... =(
 dns[3639]: nobody needs me... =(
 dns[3639]: nobody needs me... =(

 P.S. When GUI freezes, still sometimes in logs appear line with "nobody
 needs me".

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