[Pidgin] #12598: patch: change notification options for conversations

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Fri Nov 16 06:31:52 EST 2012

#12598: patch: change notification options for conversations
 Reporter:  xaxo                                 |       Owner:
     Type:  patch                                |      Status:  new
Milestone:  Patches Needing Review               |   Component:  pidgin
  Version:  2.7.3                                |  (gtk)
 Keywords:  patch: change notification options   |  Resolution:
  for conversations                              |

Comment (by xaxo):


 the idea is to avoid the hardcoded notification trigger and make it an
 option. The hardcoded PIDGIN_UNSEEN_NICK triggers a notification only
 when the nickname of the person is part of the conversation. This is
 in general useful in large IRC channels but not in small private
 channels. In ICQ for instance, one usually forms small channels with
 friends and would like to get a notification when somebody writes
 something. I needed this feature a few years ago and found it annoying
 to have to check the channel window every now and then... I wanted
 pidgin to "blink" when there was something going on in the channel. So
 just made the notification trigger an option.

 One can also make it an option for each window/conversation...

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