[Pidgin] #14785: facebook jabber detaches contact from already setup metacontacts

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Wed Nov 21 16:24:40 EST 2012

#14785: facebook jabber detaches contact from already setup metacontacts
 Reporter:  tanim_s_islam  |       Owner:  deryni
     Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  closed
Milestone:                 |   Component:  XMPP
  Version:  2.10.0         |  Resolution:  cantfix
 Keywords:  facebook,      |

Comment (by McNetic):

 A took a glance at the RFC (6121) defining the handling of rosters. I
 don't see any hint that the server should enforce a roster structure upon
 the user. Technically, I also don't see it explicitly forbidden, although
 the overall intention of the RFC seems to be, that the server complies
 with the clients requests on any possible changes to the roster or it's
 structure, which in my opinion indicates that the server should not mess
 with this at all.

 On the other hand, in the case of facebook, a) no force on earth can bring
 them to behave in a sane way, and b) it is obviously a required to change
 the roster on the server side, for example when friends are added or
 removed within facebook.

 However, the RFC explicitly says that there is not 'the roster', but there
 can be more than one roster, even hosted on other servers or whatever. I
 do not see why Pidgin should restrict itself to obey the obviously ill-
 conceived and user-unfriendly roster structure facebook tries to impose,
 especially when the contact list maintained by pidgin can not be mapped to
 every protocols server-side contact list anyways.

 So please rethink this decision and perhaps add an option to store the
 roster for a xmpp account within pidgin, or on another server.

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