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#15381: Name as Alias from Contact Details
 Reporter:  FireDK  |       Owner:  sulabh.dev
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new
Milestone:          |   Component:  Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN
  Version:  2.10.6  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by csalgau):

 Replying to [comment:6 QuLogic]:
 > Is there any reason you can't just replace the User Agent entirely?
 It appears Yahoo! Messenger is currently using about 4 different user
 agents. One for logins(a weird thing), one for things like address book
 queries(this problem), one for advertising and integrated content(local IE
 user agent) and one for some content I can't recall now(the value of
 While I could just go on a limb and say I'll set everything to the same
 one and check if that works, there's the small matter of that patch
 guideline with "don't do anything the official client doesn't do". I'd say
 it's better to stick to the tested UA for now.
 There are quite a number of changes between YMSG16 and YMSG19 and some
 things might work according to the old version. I'm hoping to give it some
 work over the weekend.

 In the meantime, as a note to anyone interested: It appears that if you
 force Y!M 11.5 to go trough an http proxy, it will change the used
 protocol to an XML based one. Most requests that were previously done in
 YMSG packets are now sent over POSTS to "/". Having done this initially,
 for a second I thought this was YSMG19, but removing the http proxy
 constraint showed more YMSG packages. I'll have to revisit this, but at a
 fast glance the key/value pairs for services/commands appear to have a
 different meaning.

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