[Pidgin] #15387: Messenger from Microsoft will be in some version?

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#15387: Messenger from Microsoft will be in some version?
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Comment (by BW~Merlin):

 Have a read [http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/22/3529600/skype-for-
 windows-8-screenshots-release-date-october-26th here] where it states
 "Skype is shifting to Microsoft's Messenger platform initially, designed
 with mobile considerations in mind. "For the last six months or so we have
 been moving people to the Messenger backend," says Snyder. "The big
 advantage there is that Skype doesn't always have to be running. It wakes
 up when it's time to deliver a chat message or call etc." The changes also
 mean that around 80 percent of all IMs sent on Skype are sent over the new
 Messenger backend."

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