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#15359: Clarify the IRC login options
 Reporter:  dandv   |       Owner:  rekkanoryo
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Comment (by rekkanoryo):

 ''Everything'' below "Use SSL" on the "Advanced" tab is provided by the
 IRC Helper or IRC More plugins, and aren't relevant here because they're
 third party plugins (regardless of the fact that some Pidgin developers
 have been involved with their development over the years).  That said, the
 "Auth Name" and "Nick password" fields (provided by IRC Helper, which you
 probably shouldn't use in this case) are for connecting directly to real
 IRC networks, not some bouncer that pretends it's an IRC server.

 The "Use SSL" checkbox is not on the "Basic" tab because it would be
 inconsistent with our other protocols' options.

 You seem to be confusing a bouncer with a real IRC server.  The comments
 you've placed in your images are completely wrong.  The "Username" field
 on the the "Basic" tab corresponds with your nickname on an IRC server.
 Admittedly, that label is not ideal, but it is labeled as such for
 consistency within the UI across protocols.  We require that field to have
 a value because we expect to connect to an actual IRC server, not a
 bouncer.  The "Username" field on the "Advanced" tab is the username that
 shows in your mask (for example, `nick!username at host.somedomain.tld`).  On
 a real IRC server, these two fields work exactly as I have explained, not
 how your bouncer seems to treat them.

 The bottom line is, essentially, that our overall opinion of support for
 bouncers is that we won't do anything intentionally to break compatibility
 with them, but we won't go out of our way to shoehorn support for them
 into a protocol that already doesn't really fit in well with our IM-
 centric model.

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