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#15359: Clarify the IRC login options
 Reporter:  dandv   |       Owner:  rekkanoryo
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Comment (by renatosilva):

 Even though your details are weird (username field is just a display
 option), I agree completely. It was a PITA to me find out what each of the
 fields do.

 About consistency on basic tab, when not applicable SSL option would be
 hidden, and username field would be renamed. That's already done for buddy
 icon for example, which doesn't show for IRC. One thing is it would be
 hard to implement and maintain, but inconsistency"?

 dandv, I have a very similar setup and here's how I've got it working:


 I have nickserv module enabled in ZNC, but as you can see I leave IRC
 Helper's nick password empty. I'm not sure how it works though, maybe it's
 using my ZNC user password as real nick password as well.

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