[Pidgin] #15501: XMPP account buddies all show offline, can't message them

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Wed Feb 6 15:46:51 EST 2013

#15501: XMPP account buddies all show offline, can't message them
 Reporter:  sundera79  |      Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect     |     Status:  new
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  Version:  2.10.6     |   Keywords:
 Yesterday, Pidgin was fine. Today, Pidgin malfunctions on one of my two IM
 accounts. My employer requires me to use Pidgin at work to chat with other
 employees (all but supervisors work from home). Pidgin keeps showing all
 of my work buddies as offline. Using the company Website, I verified that
 some of these people were actually online. No one responded to my IMs. I
 used Pidgin to sign into Y!M, which gave no problems. I tried opening and
 closing Pidgin. No good. Pidgin also began "losing" the XMPP account, with
 error message "ping timed out." I was getting an "update Java" message on
 my computer, so I did that. Pidgin continued to malfunction. I uninstalled
 and reinstalled Pidgin, first verifying that I had the most current
 version. Pidgin continued to malfunction. I shut the computer down and
 restarted it. No good. This problem does not crash Pidgin, merely renders
 it useless. The XMPP domain is im.smarthinking.com, the file transfer
 proxy is proxy.eu.jabber.org, and I'm using global proxy settings. Other
 than the Java update, the only thing that has changed is my employer
 required me to install Google Chrome yesterday, during the time that
 Pidgin was up and running smoothly. Pidgin continued to run smoothly after
 the installation yesterday; the malfunction started today, as soon as I
 signed in to Pidgin. I doubt Chrome is causing the problem, since I am not
 using it (my employer only required me to install it). Please advise.

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