[Pidgin] #15502: IRC topic set by self triggers alert

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Thu Feb 7 11:41:07 EST 2013

#15502: IRC topic set by self triggers alert
 Reporter:  jaraco  |      Owner:  rekkanoryo
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 I'm using a pre-release build of 2.10.7, and I notice there's a new
 feature for the IRC client - the topic is displayed in the chat window
 each time one joins the channel.

 It appears, however, as if that 'topic' message is treated like any other
 message. In particular, if it contains the username of the current user
 (which it will if it was set by the same username), it triggers the alert
 sound and status indicator, making it appear as if there are outstanding
 unread messages on that channel.

 This is particularly annoying for someone like myself who has set the
 topic on several channels. Every time my internet connection bounces or I
 suspend and resume my laptop, pidgin reconnects, rejoins the channels, and
 then triggers alerts for all the channels on which I've set the topic.

 It would be nice for this behavior to be addressed before the release of

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