[Pidgin] #15513: Add OTR to windows release?

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Tue Feb 12 14:54:19 EST 2013

#15513: Add OTR to windows release?
 Reporter:  ioerror      |      Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
Milestone:               |  Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.10.6       |   Keywords:  security otr
 I've been working on helping improve pidgin's security (libpurple
 auditing, pidgin auditing, etc) for a while. I'm really looking forward to
 the next release and I'd like to move for something to be added to the
 Windows releases: OTR

 We've been developing the plugin for a long time and it would be nice if
 users could just install pidgin without a second step to use OTR. Adium
 has done this for a long time, though we don't actually maintain the full
 stack, only libotr, in their case.

 We do maintain the plugin for pidgin-otr and libotr; so I'd like to either
 join the pidgin team to ensure the integration is supported in the
 short/medium/long term, or to keep working as I am on the OTR team with
 the pidgin folks.

 I understand that traditionally, Pidgin hasn't shipped out of tree plugins
 - so I'd either like to request that I maintain it in tree or that we
 maintain it out of tree in a way that is useful, acceptable and results in
 all Pidgin users being protected as Adium users are currently protected.


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