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#15547: Job description accounting clerk
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 Bookkeeping is an essential task followed by any business irrespective of
 its size, a accounting clerk is hired so that he records the expenses,
 payments, incomes and expenses and referring them future profitable
 decisions can be takes and organisation can decided new way  of costs
 cutting. Accounting clerks are responsible for reviewing and maintaining
 accounting records, the job profile may seem simple but the job is a
 hectic one, it is a great way to enter the accounting and administrative
 field in future.

  It is great profile to enter the field you will be able to get great
 experience that will be fruitful to have a great future in the field.
 Generally the clerk jobs are entry level job profiles and you will be
 primarily responsible to maintain the data and assist the executives. You
 will basically have to enter the financial details and make calculation,
 record the balances and maintain the details of the credit and debit

 As an accounting clerks you can work in many different fields and
 different sizes of businesses, depending on the requirements there may be
 on or more accounting clerks hired to manage the tasks of recording and
 bookkeeping.  Here are some of the other duties and responsibilities
 included in the [http://job-des-criptions.com/accounting-clerk-job-
 description.htm Accounting clerk Job description]:

 •       Maintaining accounting records and making entries in books,
 ledgers, databases and balancing them.

 •       Record both long term and short term expenses and recording them
 in accounting databases in computer and also maintain backups.

 •       Verifies financial data and reporting the details to higher
 officials whenever askes and even on regular basis.

 •       Make necessary calculations to determine the expenses like
 depreciation, interests etc.

 •       Provide the accounting details, or related detail whenever needed,
 and keep these details confidential.

 To apply for the post of an accounting clerk you must have earned an
 associate's degrees in business or accounting, and must possess sound
 knowledge of the accounting procedures and accounting software and
 computerised accounting techniques. Clerks with a bachelor’s degree or
 other higher educational degrees have greater scope of promotions and can
 apply for senior accounting positions after gaining a few years of

 On an average an accounting clerk earns between the ranges of $33,000-
 $48,000 p.a. but after a few years of experience there are great
 opportunities for in administrative and accounting jobs. Accounting clerk
 jobs are growing at a steady rate, according to the bureau of labour
 statistics accounting clerks jobs are expected to grow 8% in the next 5
 years. For more details visit our [http://job-des-criptions.com/ job

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