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#15556: Stop using gnome-open
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     Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
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 `gnome-open` is part of gnome-vfs, which was deprecated in GNOME 2.26, and
 is not maintained or even used anymore. All GNOME programs use Gvfs.

 And yet, libpurple still has these pieces of code:

 #ifndef _WIN32
         gchar *tmp = g_find_program_in_path("gnome-open");

         if (tmp == NULL)
                 return FALSE;

         tmp = (gchar *)g_getenv("GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID");

         return ((tmp != NULL) && (*tmp != '\0'));
         return FALSE;

 ...which '''always''' returns FALSE inside GNOME 3.

 (Also, GNOME 3, and even the later GNOME 2.x versions, always set
 GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID to "this-is-deprecated".)

 And a few more:

 libpurple/util.c:3238:  gchar *tmp = g_find_program_in_path("gnome-open");
 pidgin/gtkft.c:492:             command = g_strdup_printf("gnome-open %s",
 pidgin/gtknotify.c:1281:                        command = g_strdup_printf
 ("gnome-open %s", escaped);
 pidgin/gtknotify.c:1304:        else if (!strcmp(web_browser, "gnome-
 pidgin/gtknotify.c:1306:                command = g_strdup_printf("gnome-
 open %s", escaped);
 pidgin/gtkprefs.c:2157:         /* Do not move the line below.  Code below
 expects gnome-open to be in
 pidgin/gtkprefs.c:2160:         {N_("GNOME Default"), "gnome-open"},
 pidgin/gtkprefs.c:2186:                 /* If xdg-open is valid, prefer it
 over gnome-open and skip forward */
 pidgin/gtkprefs.c:2188:                         if (browser_setting &&
 !strcmp("gnome-open", browser_setting)) {
 pidgin/gtkutils.c:3224:         command = g_strdup_printf("gnome-open %s",

 The equivalent command in Gvfs is `gvfs-open`, but programs using GLib can
 use `g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri()` directly.

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