[Pidgin] #15823: pidgin-2.10.7\libpurple\protocols\msn\directconn.c line 49

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Thu Nov 28 01:34:37 EST 2013

#15823: pidgin-2.10.7\libpurple\protocols\msn\directconn.c line 49
 Reporter:  ttttrrrr     |      Owner:
     Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
Milestone:               |  Component:  libpurple
  Version:  2.10.7       |   Keywords:  directconn.c
                         |  purple_cipher_context_append
 '''pidgin-2.10.7\libpurple\protocols\msn\directconn.c line 49''' :

 static void
 msn_dc_calculate_nonce_hash(MsnDirectConnNonceType type,
                             const guchar nonce[16], gchar nonce_hash[37])


   purple_cipher_context_append(context, nonce, sizeof(nonce));

 Using 'sizeof' for array given as function argument returns the size of a
 pointer. It does not return the size of the whole array in bytes as might
 be expected.

 May be it bug.

 I use cppcheck.

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