[Pidgin] #15750: IRC ACTIONs skip sending-im-msg signal.

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Tue Sep 10 19:48:22 EDT 2013

#15750: IRC ACTIONs skip sending-im-msg signal.
 Reporter:  xnyhps       |       Owner:  elb
     Type:  patch        |      Status:  new
Milestone:               |   Component:  IRC
  Version:  2.10.7       |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  irc otr /me  |

Comment (by bleeter):

 Pasting some comments from Paul Wouters on OTR-dev mail list:
 (Note, I think some of this may be outside the scope of the ticket/problem
 specifically here, I'm just adding for 'completeness')
 /commands on non-irc chats should not be processed by the irc module.
 This way, we don't ever leak on non-irc channels.

 On irc channels, /nonexisting should get mapped to plain "nonexisting",
 so it will get properly encrypted by otr.

 On irc channels, /existing commands should go out as-is. They should not
 get encrypted or they won't work. The user is expected to realise that.
 (hey - its an irc user, they know

 My use of /me really comes from the MUD adventure days. It would really
 only suppress the " says:" prefix so you could 'emote', eg "/me smiles".

 (if someone could relay this back to the irc plugin maintainer, thanks)

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