[Pidgin] #15750: IRC ACTIONs skip sending-im-msg signal.

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Thu Sep 19 10:56:48 EDT 2013

#15750: IRC ACTIONs skip sending-im-msg signal.
 Reporter:  xnyhps       |       Owner:  elb
     Type:  patch        |      Status:  new
Milestone:  2.10.8       |   Component:  IRC
  Version:  2.10.7       |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  irc otr /me  |

Comment (by T(A)ILS developers):

 Another interoperability test, with Pidgin 2.10.7-2 from Debian sid + the
 patch on one side, and irssi-plugin-otr 1.0.0~alpha2-1 backported for

 * from irssi to Pidgin: error messages in French "OTR: General Error: Vous
 avez transmi un message crypté illisible" (French being the locale that
 Pidgin runs, not the locale that irssi runs) displayed in irssi. Locale
 information leak, hmm :( The message itself is not conveyed, and in Pidgin
 I can see "Nous avons reçu de $NICKNAME un message crypté illisible."
 ("received unreadable encrypted message from NICKNAME")
 * from Pidgin to irssi: irssi receives "AACTION tests /meA"

 So perhaps the fix only works really well between patched Pidgin? Or is
 irssi-plugin-otr misbehaving itself?

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