[Pidgin] #16484: RSA SecureID login with Juno & PIDGIN unable to login

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#16484: RSA  SecureID login with Juno & PIDGIN unable to login
 Reporter:  aquev88135  |      Owner:  loubserp
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Milestone:  2.10.12     |  Component:  MXit
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 Good morning,

 I have a strange situation with regard to logging into PIDGIN. I have
 formatted two laptops one with WIN 7, one with Linux.

 I have conventional settings with regard to logging in and I am still not
 able to login. I am confident that is not the one that is creating this
 ability that has me unable to login that is causing this problem ? So, on
 both computers I am able to log onto Juno Pulse. Windows I use Juno Pulse
 & now with Linux I use a portal via Firefox Junos Pulse Secure Access
 Service. Now, on both platforms PIDGIN does not work.

 I wondered could you please give my an idea of what could be the problem ?
 I have used the exact settings as a colleague of mine exactly without any
 mistakes. BUT still epic fail.

 Standard settings under Advanced
 No encryption needed
 Connect port 5222

 Use global proxy settings

 Alan Quevedo

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